FoundationPress is WordPress starter theme and/or framework.

Inspired by ThemeShaper’s _s theme and built with Foundation framework for responsive awesomeness, FPress (for short) aims to be modular and easily customizable, so you could deploy your projects with ease and tears of happiness :)

..and yes, THIS site is using FoundationPress as live demo.

FoundationPress is no longer available. Check out FPress Five instead, successor of FoundationPress, which is better, faster, cleaner and built on newer Foundation 5.

Go ahead and try FPress v0.99 for yourselves (‘cos experiences are not transferable)!


Get the most out of FPress with theme and Foundation documentation!


FoundationPress is still in development (as there are a lot of todo’s I’d like to check-out..); if you find any bugs, please let me know.